Epic Information for Community-Based Medical Staff

Community hospital physicians performing surgery at Mass. Eye and Ear are required to use Epic to document all aspects of the patient's care related to that surgery.

Scheduling a Surgery: We are following the same pre-Epic workflow, submitting OR booking sheets for upcoming cases, and contacting OR Scheduling to confirm your cases.

PPE/MEC: This document outlines our new, updated workflow for the Medical Evaluation Center. For pre-op paperwork, your office will fax documentation other than orders as outlined in the attached. Patients will now complete their pre-op questionnaires using Partners Patient Gateway instead of One Medical Passport.

Order Entry and Peri-Op Documentation: Order entry in Epic includes pre-op orders, day of surgery, and post-op orders. As of our Epic Go-Live, the requirement for all physicians caring for patients at Mass. Eye and Ear is that they utilize Epic for all of their patient care management. This includes order entry, admission and discharge, as well as inpatient management. All admission, discharge, medication, and inpatient orders must be entered in Epic. Please reference our Epic Guide for Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology Peri-Op Workflow Guide for more detailed information.

  • Pre-op Orders: Need to be placed 24 hours prior to surgery in Epic. This can be done remotely. Please reference this tip sheet on placing pre-admit orders from the clinic.
  • IOLs: Our old process for ordering IOLs has been replaced by functionality within Epic. For new patients, surgeons will now order IOLs within Epic, and the completion of that order results in a fax that goes directly to the appropriate Materials location for prep. The order is viewable by the surgeon in the Chart Review activity in the Procedures Tab. IOL calc sheets should still be submitted with pre-op paperwork and will be available on the day of surgery as in the past for confirmation and initialing.
  • Day of Surgery Activities Now in Epic:
    • Pre-op — Updating H&P
    • Post-op — Completing Brief Op Note, Post-op/Discharge Orders and Medication Reconciliation
  • Full Op Note: May be done in Epic via the navigator or dictation within 24 hours.

Referrals: Community-based physicians must place an Ambulatory Referral to MEE for the specific specialty they would like the patient to see. The referral serves as the “paper” order, enabling the patient visit to be scheduled efficiently. View our tip sheet on Ordering a Referral and Closing the Loop.

Remote Access: It is possible to access Epic from outside of the Mass. Eye and Ear network. Please reference this tip sheet on how to access Epic from home.

Accessing Epic via Mobile Phone/Tablet: Please follow this tip sheet to learn how to access Epic from a mobile phone or tablet using the applications Haiku or Canto.

Partners Physician Gateway: If interested in giving your office staff direct access to a patient’s record, please complete this form to request access to Partners Physician Gateway. Once completed, return the form to epic@meei.harvard.edu.

Please note: No training is required for Partners Physician Gateway—the site has five-minute e-Learnings and quick reference guides for new users.

If you are experiencing issues accessing any of these files, please contact epic@meei.harvard.edu.