Frontiers in Ophthalmology

Harvard Medical School Department of Ophthalmology

Harvard Ophthalmology is proud to announce the release of its inaugural report, Frontiers in Ophthalmology. This artfully designed report tells the story of the department's key accomplishments, major milestones, and impressive growth in patient care, research and education over the last several years. The growing, international collaborations among HMS ophthalmology affiliates and partners, as well as new initiatives that will ramp up efforts to fight blinding diseases on a world-wide scale, are given special attention in this report. In addition, we are deeply thankful for -- and recognize -- the generous support from the department's key foundation partners, alumni, faculty, and friends. Available in both print and digital form, the report can be easily accessed online by clicking on the Section Headings below, which directly link to the PDF version.

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People & Partners
Life-Transforming Care
Research & Discovery
Milestones in Medical Education
Funding & Philanthropy
Reaching Out

The pace and progress of vision science is hurtling forward at momentous speed, spurred on by a host of exciting new research discoveries, an unpredented culture of collaboration, and the unflagging efforts of our clinicians, scientists and educators.

- Joan W. Miller, M.D.
Chief and Chair