Office of Global Surgery and Health

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To improve access to life-altering and life-saving ophthalmic and otolaryngologic care for those in need throughout the developing world, bringing to bear the excellence and expertise in patient care, medical education, and research innovation that have been synonymous with Mass Eye and Ear since its founding.


There is an inverse relationship between the burden caused by conditions of the eye, ear, head and neck and the availability of caregivers trained in their diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. The Office of Global Surgery and Health works with in-country training hospitals and medical schools to build and improve the educational infrastructure of local ophthalmology and otolaryngology departments, expanding their capacity and improving quality of local care. In order to ensure long-term sustainability, the Office focuses on:

  • Harmonization & Collaboration:

    Identifying and working with local and international stakeholders (non-profits, for-profits, government agencies, academic and medical institutions) to avoid redundancy and conflict of efforts while optimizing available resources
  • Local Ownership:

    Fostering relationships with in-country partners to better understand and respect local priorities and conditions to help build programs best suited to providing life-long care for its patients and professional development opportunities for its faculty, trainees, and staff

  • Education & Research Innovation:

    Utilizing and supporting innovations in online medical learning, surgical and clinical training methods, medical device technology, and locally relevant research collaborations to provide mutual benefit to both home and partnering institutions

Page updated: August 25, 2014