Surgery of the Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands

Harvard Medical School Continuing Medical Education (CME) Course

Next course date: November 6–7, 2020

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More than 35 national and international experts gather annually in Boston for Surgery of the Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands, a continuing medical education course from Harvard Medical School. The meeting features lectures and panel sessions to facilitate discussions in the areas of endocrinology, radiology, and pathology.

Since the first installment in 1996, the course has provided an annual comprehensive review and update of surgery of the thyroid and parathyroid glands, covering the most recent and relevant data regarding:

  • Preoperative diagnosis and staging, including voice and laryngeal exam updates
  • Preoperative FNA molecular analysis
  • Surgical anatomy and technique, with avoidance and management of complications, including nerve monitoring, treatment of vocal cord paralysis and management of nodal disease
  • Comprehensive review of postoperative medical adjuvant therapies.
  • Recent advances in the management of routine and advanced thyroid malignancies including observational studies of low grade papillary cancers, as well as ATA-recommended multimodal treatment of anaplastic carcinoma
  • Complex parathyroid surgery

Course Directors:
Randall Gaz, MD 
Richard Hodin, MD 
Gregory Randolph, MD, FACS, FACE

Harvard Medical School is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

Videos from the 2018 Course

Day 1

MTC Preoperative Recognition and Work-up, Naifa Busaidy
FNA Genetic Analysis - Making Sense of it All, Bryan McIver
Understanding the Basic Genetic Pathways in DTC - A Primer for Surgeons, Carmelo Nucera
Low-Rish DTC - Management in 2018, Douglas Ross
The New Bethesda System - What are the Changes?, Erik Alexander
The Thyroid Nodule in 2018, Gilbert Daniels
Ultrasound Stratification - ATA Pattern Recognition Versus Tirads, Giuseppe Barbesino
The Future of Registries and REGENT, James Denneny
Genetics of Radiation-Induced Thyroid Cancer, James Fagin
Surgical Management of Recurrent Disease, Jeremy Freeman
Advanced DTC - Optimal TKI Strategies, Lori Wirth
Epidemiology of Radiation-Induced Thyroid Cancer, Louise Davies
Tumor Kinestics of Thyroid Cancer - Primary and Recurrence, Michael Tuttle
Thyroid Cancer Tumor Board: Complications Panel
Kocher Lecture: The Surgeon, The Man, Peter Kopp
Nuclear and Mitochondrial Genomes of Hurthle Cell Cancers, Raj Gopal
A Review of Our Experience in Fukushima, Shinichi Suzuki
CESQIP 2018, William Inabnet
NIFTP - How to Conceptualize this New Definition, Yuri Nikiforov

Day 2

A Review of the AHNS Revision Parathyroid Guidelines, Brendan Stack, Jr.
Normocalcemic HPT - What is it and What do we do?, Carrie Lubitz
AJCC 8th Edition - What We Need to Know, Catherine Sinclair
Outpatient Surgery: Who? When? How long?, David Steward
Incisions in Thyroid Surgery, David Terris
Complications in Neck Dissection and Appraoch to Retropharynx Nodes, Derrick Lin
Healthcare Disparities in Thyroid Cancer Care, Emad Kandil
Surgery for Multi-Gland Disease - How to Predict and Manage Optimally, Francis Moore
Monitoring Loss of Signal and Surgical Strategy - the New Guidelines, Greg Randolph 
Transoral Approach 2018, Jeremy Richmon
Thyroid Cancer Incidence and Mortality, Julie Ann Sosa
Testing and Complications in Thyroid Cancer Care, Megan Haymart
HPT 2018 Surgical Indications and Medical Management Options, Niko Stathatos
Parathyroid Challenging Cases Panel
Cope Lecture: A Review of the AAES Parathyroid Guidelines, Peter Angelos
Surgery for Graves, Richard Hodin
Office Ultrasound 2018 - How it Helps, Antonia Stephen