Loud and Clear on ‘EEI

Whether it’s Tom Brady chatting up the Patriots’ march to the Super Bowl, Curt Schilling commenting during the Red Sox trip to Japan, or Doc Rivers talking about the Celtics’ exciting season, WEEI’s popular morning drive radio program, “Dennis & Callahan,” keeps the listeners both entertained and well-informed. Co-host Gerry Callahan is not only grateful for the show’s success but also for the ability to continue in the career he loves.

Loud 20and 20Clear 20on 20 EEIDuring the 2007 Red Sox spring training season, Gerry noticed an uncharacteristic hoarseness in his voice. Sprays and lozenges didn’t help; broadcasting became a struggle. When the problem continued, Gerry sought treatment at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. Preliminary tests revealed a lesion on one of his vocal folds.

Gerry was referred to Dr. Ramon A. Franco, Jr., Director of the Division of Laryngology and Medical Director of the Voice and Speech Laboratory at Mass. Eye and Ear. “I was told he is the guy you need to see, and when I met him, it seemed to me that he knew his stuff,” said Gerry. “When Dr. Franco recommended surgery, I trusted him. I knew that I was in the best place I could be, probably the best place in the world for this type of condition.”

After the diagnosis, Dr. Franco discussed the pros and cons of each treatment option at length with Gerry and his wife. Due to the challenging location of the affected areas, Dr. Franco opted for a plan that included both radiation and surgery. “Thank God Dr. Franco focused on saving my voice, as he could have easily ended my career,” said Gerry. “He cared about my livelihood, and not about just getting the job done.” Gerry is back on the air full-time. “I don’t mind getting up at 4 a.m. these days,” said Gerry. “I enjoy driving into Boston and talking for four straight hours.”