Fighting Domestic Violence With Collaboration

Crusita is a Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary patient originally from the Dominican Republic. Years ago while in a rage, her then-boyfriend doused her with acid, scarring her horribly and disfiguring her face, arms and torso. She nearly died as a result of his abuse.

Fighting 20Domestic 20ViolenceDespite her ordeal, she gathered the courage to travel to the United States, where she has been receiving medical treatment as part of a collaboration between Mass. Eye and Ear’s Facial and Cosmetic Surgery Center and the Boston-based Regaining One’s Self Esteem (R.O.S.E.) Fund, which helps women survivors of domestic violence reclaim their lives.

Mass. Eye and Ear, its reconstructive surgeons and anesthesiologists provide surgery free of charge to Crusita and other victims of domestic violence to help repair their injuries. Mass. Eye and Ear is currently the only hospital in Massachusetts partnered with the R.O.S.E. Fund and has collaborated with this charity for eight years as part of the hospital’s community benefits program. Crusita has truly reclaimed her life. She has come a long way: from being on suicide watch when she first arrived in the United States to now being an outspoken advocate in the Hispanic community for victims of domestic violence. She met her husband, Cesar, and they married a year and a half ago. She is now working and taking classes to improve her English.