Adrian Priesol, M.D.

Medical Director, Auditory Evoked Response Testing

Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology, Harvard Medical School



Vestibular/Balance Disorders

Board Certification

  • Neurology

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Dr. Adrian Priesol is a board-certified otoneurologist who specializes in managing patients with dizziness and balance disorders including the interpretation of vestibular tests, audiograms, and auditory brainstem evoked responses. He received his medical degree and completed residency training in adult neurology at the University of Toronto, where he worked on staff until joining the Harvard Medical School faculty in 2006. Now, Dr. Priesol is the Medical Director of Auditory Evoked Response Testing at Mass. Eye and Ear and an Instructor in Otolaryngology, part-time, at Harvard Medical School. 

Throughout his career, Dr. Priesol been an invited speaker at regional and national meetings and has published several peer-reviewed papers and articles in the field. He is a member of the American Academy of Neurology and is an ad hoc reviewer for several publications. He has also authored an online monogram on the Evaluation of Balance Disorders, published by the British Medical Journal Best Practices, that provides guidance to clinicians around the world. 

Dr. Priesol’s clinical interests include peripheral and central vestibular disorders including vestibular neuritis, BPPV, and vestibular migraine. His research interests include vestibular migraine, peripheral vestibular disorders, and developing new vestibular diagnostic tests.

Select Publications

Frequency-dependent effects of glutamate antagonists on the vestibulo-ocular reflex of the cat. Priesol AJ, Jone GE, Tomlinson RD, Broussard DM. Brain Research. 2000. 857(1-2):252-64.

Potential solutions to several vestibular challenges facing clinicians. Merfeld D, Priesol AJ, Lee D, Lewis RF. Journal of Vestibular Research. 2010. 20(1):71-7.

Abnormal motion perception in vestibular migraine. Lewis, RF, Priesol AJ, Nicoucar K, Lim K, Merfeld DM. Laryngoscope. 2011. 121(5):1124-5.

Dynamic tilt thresholds are reduced in vestibular migraine. Lewis, RF, Priesol AJ, Nicoucar K, Lim K, Merfeld DM. Journal of Vestibular Research. 2011. 21(6):323-30.

Vestibular labyrinth contributions to human whole-body motion discrimination. Valko Y, Lewis R, Priesol A, Merfeld D. J Neuroscience. 2012. 32(39):13537-42.

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