Shizuo Mukai, M.D.



Ophthalmic Oncology

Board Certification

  • Ophthalmology

Main Campus
243 Charles Street
Boston, MA 02114
Phone: 617-573-3730
Fax: 617-573-3698



Clinical Interests

Medical and surgical management of vitreoretinal diseases, pediatric retina, retinal tumors, genetics of retinal diseases

Research Interests

Retinal stem cells, molecular genetics of retinal diseases, new treatment approaches to retinoblastoma, retinal photography


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Daniels AB, Jakobiec FA, Westerfeld CB, Hagiwara A, Michaud N, Mukai S. Idiopathic subfoveal choroidal neovascular membrane in a 21-month-old child: ultrastructural features and implication for membranogenesis. J AAPOS. 2010 Jun; 14(3): 244-50.

Vavvas D, Kim I, Lane AM, Chaglassian A, Mukai S, Gragoudas E. Posterior uveal melanoma in young patients treated with proton beam therapy. Retina. 2010 Sep; 30(8): 1267-71.

Lei H, Rheaume MA, Velez G, Mukai S, Kazlauskas A. Expression of PDGFRα is a determinant of the PVR potential of ARPE19 cells. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2011 Aug; 52(9): 5016-21.

Conkrite K, Sundby M, Mukai S, Thomson JM, Mu D, Hammond SM, MacPherson D. miR-17~92 cooperates with RB pathway mutations to promote retinoblastoma. Genes Dev. 2011 Aug 15; 25(16): 1734-45.

Pennock S, Rheaume MA, Mukai S, Kazlauskas A. A novel strategy to develop therapeutic approaches to prevent proliferative vitreoretinopathy. Am J Pathol. 2011 Dec; 179(6): 2931-40.

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  • Biology, Brown University, ScB
  • Studio Art, Brown University, AB
  • Brown University School of Medicine, M.D.


  • Ophthalmology, Harvard Medical School


  • Vitreoretinal Surgery, Mass. Eye and Ear