Reza Dana, M.D., M.Sc., MPH

Director, Cornea and Refractive Surgery Service and Associate Chief, Academic Programs


Cornea and External Diseases

Immunology and Uveitis

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  • Ophthalmology

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Dr. Reza Dana is an internationally recognized expert in corneal disorders and ocular inflammation. He is a graduate of Johns Hopkins and Harvard Universities, who holds the Claes Dohlman Chair in Ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School. He is Director of the Cornea Service at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Senior Scientist at the Schepens Eye Research Institute/Mass Eye and Ear, and a member of the Harvard Medical School Graduate Program in Immunology (Committee on Immunology), and directs the Harvard-Vision Clinical Scientist Development Program. 

Dr. Dana has trained over 70 clinical fellows, and 105 postdoctoral fellows and students in his laboratory to date, the significant majority holding full-time academic positions in ophthalmology and vision research. He is recipient of the Harvard Medical School A. Clifford Barger Excellence in Mentoring Award.

Clinical Interests

High-Risk Transplantation, Stem cells, Graft-versus-Host Disease, Immune-Mediated Corneal Disorders, Infection, Autoimmunity

Research Interests

Corneal diseases and transplantation, dry eye syndrome, inflammatory corneal disorders, corneal stem cells, clinical trials


For a full publication list, please see his CV.

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Tahvildari M, Omoto M, Chen Y, Emami P, Inomata T, Dohlman T, Kaye AE, Chauhan S, Dana R. In vivo expansion of regulatory T cells by low-dose interleukin-2 treatment increases allograft survival in corneal transplantation. Transplantation 2016; 100:525-32. PMID 26881788.

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  • Johns Hopkins University, BA
  • Johns Hopkins University, MPH
  • Johns Hopkins University Medical School, M.D.
  • Health Care Management, Harvard University, MSc


  • Ophthalmology, University of Illinois, Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary


  • Cornea, Wills Eye Hospital
  • Immunology, Schepens Eye Research Institute
  • Uveitis, Mass. Eye and Ear