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Surgical Pre- and Post-Operative Instructions
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Make An Appointment

Call 617-573-3190 today to make an appointment with one of our specialists.

Surgical Pre- and Post-Operative Instructions

It is important that you carefully follow instructions before and after your child's surgery. A list of instructions for common surgical procedures can be found here.

Patient Guide

Our Patient Guide is designed to help you find quick answers to all your questions related to insurancebillingmedical records, and more.

Preparing For Surgery

The best thing you can do is prepare yourself for your child’s surgery. Parents who can control their worries and be as relaxed as possible send the message to their child that everything will be okay. Before the day of surgery, read through our preparation materials and call us with any questions.

Day of Surgery

Your physician’s office will inform you and your child of the time you should arrive at Mass. Eye and Ear. Please make every effort to arrive at your scheduled time. This allows both nurses and physicians to spend time with you and your child to develop the best plan of care. 

Please be sure that your child has followed the Special Guidelines for Eating and Drinking and come prepared to dedicate the entire day to your child’s surgery and recovery. You can also learn more about Mass. Eye and Ear’s Anesthesia Department, which has anesthesiologists and nurses who have specialized training in administering anesthesia for children undergoing surgery.

Upon arrival at Mass. Eye and Ear, please go to the area directed by your surgeon. From the main lobby, the elevators will take you to either the Pediatric Unit on the 10th floor or the Surgicenter on the S floor. The day/evening before your child’s surgery you will receive a pre-operative phone call which will clarify the location of your child’s surgery. You do not need to visit the Admissions Office or the Information Desk unless otherwise instructed. 

If your child has a fever or cold the day before surgery, please contact your surgeon’s office. If your child has a fever or cold the morning of surgery, contact the Pediatric Unit at 617-523-7900 x2462 or the Surgicenter at 617-523-7900 x2660. Management options generally include observation or surgical repair. The approach and extent for surgical repair depends on the location of the dehiscence and ranges from transmastoid surgery to craniotomy surgery.

Day of Clinical Appointment

For all clinical appointments, visits can take up to four hours, so please plan accordingly.

Pre-Admission Teaching Tours

Pre-admission teaching tours with our Child Life Specialist are available for all pediatric patients and their families. For more information or to ask questions about these tours, call our Child Life Specialist at 617-573-4184.

Directions/Parking Information

Please consult our directions and parking map when visiting our main facility, located at:

Massachusetts Eye and Ear
243 Charles Street
Boston, MA 02114

Places to Stay/Hotels

For patients who wish to stay near the hospital, we have a compiled a list of nearby hotels with price and contact information for your convenience.

Services and Other Information

Access to the Pediatric Unit 
As part of a nationwide initiative, our Pediatric Unit now has locked access doors for added security. You will need to press a button next to the door and identify yourself via the speakerphone to request entry the Pediatric Unit. 

Health Insurance Information 
We recommend that, before your child’s surgery, you understand your health insurance plan. If your insurance coverage requires a referral, please get this before your child’s visit. If you have questions about your insurance coverage, please call the Patient Accounts Office at 617-573-3073.

Social Services 
Members of our Social Work Department are available to assist you and your child. Available services include:

  • Support during your child’s hospital stay
  • Help to coordinate care
  • Assistance in finding resources such as financial assistance, homemakers, childcare, transportation, visiting nurses, and area accommodations

Our Social Work Department is located on the third floor. Staff members can be reached at 617-573-3540. You may ask your surgeon or nurse to request that a social worker visit you and your child in the hospital or you may call directly. 

Chaplaincy Services 
Interfaith chaplaincy services are available; please ask a member of the nursing staff. 

Interpreter Services 
We provide medical interpreters and translation of written materials upon request. This includes American Sign Language and Braille. If you wish to use these services, please contact us at 617-573-5572 as soon as your child’s surgery is scheduled. 

Ethical Issues
We have an Ethics Committee that is available to address any ethical issues that might come about during your visit to the hospital. It is made up of various professionals from the hospital staff that will address concerns in a fair and impartial way. If you would like to contact the Patient Advocate, please call 617-573-3008.

Our cafeteria offers room service to patients. A visitor tray may be ordered to the room for a small fee. The cafeteria is located on the 7th floor. There are also outside delivery menus available at the nurse's desk. 

Patients in Pediatrics may receive balloons as gifts or decorations; however, our Balloon Policy states that only mylar (foil) balloons are acceptable because these do not represent hazards to young children. 

No Smoking Policy 
We are a smoke-free facility; therefore, smoking is allowed only outside the building.

Other Resources