Patient Video Gallery

Josef's Story-Sinus Infection

Josef was suffering from a dangerous sinus infection. Watch his story and see how Mass. Eye and Ear doctors helped. Learn more information on our sinus center. 

Lisa's Story- Migraine Dizziness

Lisa was suffering from migraine dizziness. Watch her story and see how a Mass. Eye and Ear doctor treated her problem. Learn more about our balance and dizziness treatment options.

Tom's Story- Sturge-Weber Syndrome

Tom discusses his diagnosis and treatment of Sturge-Weber Syndrome at Mass. Eye and Ear. Learn more about our Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Laser Center.

Lorna's Story- Thyroid Cancer

Lorna's talks about her experience with thyroid cancer and being treated by Dr. Randolph. Learn more about about our Thyroid and Parathyroid specialty.

Catherine's Story

Catherine shares her story of losing her voice and then finding it with the help of Glenn Bunting and Mass. Eye and Ear. Learn more about our Voice and Speech Laboratory.