Uveal Melanoma

Biochemical, Genetic and Epidemiological Studies of Uveal Melanoma
MEEI Protocol ID
National Clinical Trial (NCT) Number
Uveal Melanoma
Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
Principal Investigator
Evangelos Gragoudas, M.D. and Ivana Kim, M.D.
Study Design
This is a prospective epidemiological research study.
Study Objective
To identify risk factors for the onset and progression of uveal melanoma, an intraocular cancer that threatens both sight and life. Additionally, to identify biomarkers that predict response to treatment.
Who is Eligible
Individuals who have been newly diagnosed with uveal melanoma.
Subject Enrollment
We are currently enrolling individuals with eye melanoma who meet the study eligibility criteria.
Study Procedures
Qualified patients will provide blood specimens that will be stored and used for future analyses of clinical, genetic and molecular markers of uveal melanoma. Clinical data will also be obtained at the time of diagnosis and at regular intervals after diagnosis. Tumor tissue specimens will be obtained from patients who have the eye removed (called enucleation). These analyses will enhance our ability to develop measures that may reduce disease incidence and improve survival.
For More Information
OCRO@meei.harvard.edu, Ophthalmology Clinical Research Office

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