Investing in the People Who Will Change Medicine

The “Bold Science, Life-Changing Cures” campaign is, first and foremost, a Campaign about people. We know that world-class faculty, fellows and staff propel our research and clinical programs forward with their talent, passion and commitment.

Endowed chairs are critical to attracting and retaining preeminent scientists--the type of investigators whose work attracts consistent support from the National Institutes of Health. Beyond recruitment and retention, endowed chairs provide investigators with annual funds that can be used to strengthen their research.

General support for faculty to help them jumpstart new programs or pursue promising lines of investigation is also crucial as we build our Institutes and Centers for Excellence.

We are also deeply committed to training the next generation of leaders in ophthalmology clinical practice and scientific research. Endowed fellowships provide an annual stream of income to ensure that we have the necessary resources to optimally prepare the best young minds in the field.

There is no better way to expedite cures for blindness, visual impairment and diseases and disorders of the eye than to help us assemble and retain a preeminent team of clinicians, scientists, fellows and staff. Endowed chairs, fellowships and faculty support are needed throughout the Department of Ophthalmology. Our campaign staff will work with you to identify areas of interest where you can partner with us to propel these programs forward.

Janey Wiggs, MD, Ph.D.

Janey Wiggs, MD, PhD

Eric Pierce, MD, Ph.D.

Eric Pierce, MD, PhD

Ula Jurkunas, MD

Ula Jurkunas, MD