Pediatric Surgical Services

Surgery doesn't have to be a negative experience for children and their parents. Prepare yourself for your child’s surgery. Parents who can control their worries and be as relaxed as possible send the message to their child that everything will be okay.

Meet Sam. She is having surgery at Mass Eye and Ear today. Sam and her parents are sharing their experience to help show others what a surgical day can be like here. Sam's experience is only to give you an idea of what will happen when you arrive at Mass. Eye and Ear for pediatric surgery. It is important to note that every child is different. Your child's experience may differ from what is shown in this video. We encourage you to share it with your child, but recommend you view the video first to determine if it is suitable. Please fast forward past the segment featuring Sam being put under anesthesia around the 3 minute mark. This is a real induction that accurately displays the effects and stages of anesthesia during induction. Your child will not be aware of this stage. Please contact your child's doctor's office or our Child Life Specialists for additional information and to answer any questions you may have.