Maria Hudson's Battle with Cancer of the Head and Neck

Maria Hudson was diagnosed with cancer of the head and neck and underwent radiation treatment, which can cause injury to healthy tissue surrounding the cancer.

For Maria, that meant developing painful sores in her mouth. Maria needed some dental work but her dentists were hesitant because of the damaged tissue in her mouth.

They referred her to the Norman Knight Hyperbaric Medicine Center for treatment. Hyperbaric treatment increases oxygen delivery to injured tissue, helping to heal the tissue and improve infection control.

Maria required approximately 30 treatments over six weeks. With a hectic life that includes working full-time and going to school, Maria was relieved that the staff was able to work her treatments around her schedule. Her mouth healed and her dental work was completed.

“The staff was so empathetic and understanding of my situation and they went out of their way to make things as comfortable as possible for me," She said. "It was a very difficult time but the staff made it manageable. I feel great.”