Robert Lewis' Carbon Monoxide Scare

Robert Lewis returned from his evening run and sat down to a snack when his heart started pounding uncontrollably and he began to feel disoriented.

He then discovered that the family cat had fallen over with labored breathing. He called 911.

He was initially transported to a local hospital and treated for a heart attack. But when Robert relayed the story of his cat, the emergency department physicians tested him and found high levels of CO in his blood. He later learned that his heating system was improperly vented, causing dangerous carbon monoxide (CO) to flood his home.

After just a few hours of treatment in the hyperbaric chamber, Robert was feeling much better and was able to go home. He has experienced no residual symptoms and is feeling good as new. His cat is also doing great.

“The whole experience was very frightening, but the staff at the Center quickly put me at ease. They explained everything in depth and were very attentive, making sure that I was comfortable throughout the entire process. Having the Center so close saved me from a possible tragedy and I feel very fortunate.”