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Shekhar K. Gadkaree, M.D.


Dr. Shekhar Gadkaree grew up in Big Flats, New York, and graduated summa cum laude from the University of Rochester with a major in biomedical engineering, where he was awarded the Robert L. Wells Award for outstanding competency in engineering and the humanities. Following his undergraduate work, he spent a year at the National Institutes of Health in the Intramural Research Training Award program. He then matriculated at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, where he was awarded the Tau Beta Pi Fellowship for Graduate Study and was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha honor society.  

During his time in medical school, he developed interests in refugee health care, tumor immunology, aging and epidemiology, and global health innovation. His research interests include biomedical device design, applied engineering, immunology, and epidemiology.

For more information on Dr. Gadkaree, check out his Harvard Catalyst website and Google Scholar page.


Undergraduate School
University of Rochester (Biomedical Engineering)

Medical School
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


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