Meet a Specialist: Dukhee Rhee, M.D.

RheeDukhee170x243Dr. Dukhee Rhee became interested in otolaryngology (the study of the ears, nose, throat, head and neck) while pursuing her medical degree at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She explains, “Otolaryngology absolutely fascinated me. The head and neck are such intricate parts of the body, and the range of conditions in this specialty is so extensive – I knew focusing on otolaryngology would allow me to treat patients of all ages for a wide variety of medical issues. This ability to provide care for such a range of patients really appealed to me.” 

As a board-certified ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist at Mass. Eye and Ear, Stoneham, Dr. Rhee is dedicated to providing compassionate, high-quality care for her patients. “My goal is to help each of my patients feel as comfortable and as cared for as possible throughout his or her treatment process,” she explains. “Many of my patients see me over the course of many years for various chronic ENT issues. Maintaining a close relationship with them is important to me, and something I strive for every day.  As a result, this leads to better and more effective care that meets each patient’s individual circumstance.”

A member of the Mass. Eye and Ear, Stoneham team, Dr. Rhee treats children and adults for the full range of ear, nose and throat conditions. These conditions include sinus issues, throat problems, chronic ear infections, thyroid conditions, salivary gland disorders and hearing and balance problems. 

To treat her patients, Dr. Rhee offers both surgical and medical (non-surgical) options. Medical treatments, including antibiotics, steroid treatments and allergy medications, often effectively treat patients’ conditions. In certain cases, however, surgery is needed. In those instances, Dr. Rhee’s goal is to restore her patients’ quality of life, so they can return to their daily lives as soon as possible. She says, “ENT is a unique specialty in that we can often provide significant, and sometimes immediate relief to patients, through surgery. Sinus surgery, for instance, is a procedure that can provide immensely improved quality of life. It is so gratifying and wonderful to witness those immediate improvements.”

Although surgery is the best path for many patients, Dr. Rhee explains the importance of maximizing medical treatment before recommending surgery. “It’s extremely important to find the correct balance of medicine and surgery,” she notes. “Each of my patients is unique and no two treatment plans are ever alike.”

In addition to providing effective treatment for patients, being involved in the community is important to Dr. Rhee as well. She stresses the importance of building close relationships with families living in the Stoneham area and explains, “The physicians at Mass. Eye and Ear, Stoneham are immersed in this community. We want patients to know that world-class care is available close to home.” To grow these relationships, the physicians at Mass. Eye and Ear, Stoneham participate in community events, such as Stoneham Town Day, throughout the year. She adds, “Word of mouth also plays a huge role in how patients find me. It is so gratifying to meet patients who have been referred by friends or family, because they had a positive experience at Mass. Eye and Ear.” 

Dr. Rhee concludes, “At Mass. Eye and Ear, Stoneham, we do everything we can to provide treatment close to home. We strive to provide outstanding, compassionate care for our patients, day after day.”

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