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Vinay Rathi, M.D.

Rathi Originally from Reston, Virginia, Dr. Vinay Rathi studied anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis, where he served as a class marshal at graduation. He then attended the Yale School of Medicine, where he was awarded the Samuel Jordan Graham Scholarship in Academic Surgery and the William U. Gardner Prize for the most outstanding thesis in his graduating class. He is currently an MBA candidate at Harvard Business School.

Dr. Rathi has previously worked at McKinsey & Company and the Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CORE). He presently serves as a project manager for the outpatient growth initiative at Partners HealthCare.

Dr. Rathi's research interests include medical device regulation, physician-industry relationships, and payment reform. His work has previously been published in JAMA, The New England Journal of Medicine, and the BMJ.

For more information on Dr. Rathi, check out his Harvard Catalyst website and Google Scholar page.


Undergraduate School
Washington University in St. Louis (Anthropology)

Graduate School
Harvard Business School (expected)

Medical School
Yale School of Medicine


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