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Nicholas B. Abt, M.D.


Dr. Nicholas Abt grew up in South Florida and attended the University of Florida, where he graduated summa cum laude with a degree in microbiology and cell science. Valedictorian and commencement speaker of his graduating class, Dr. Abt’s thesis focused on how to identify glioblastoma mulitforme circulating tumor cells. Subsequently, he attended medical school at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, graduating Alpha Omega Alpha.

Dr. Abt's primary research interests include head and neck cancer epidemiology, surgical oncology outcomes, surgical quality improvement, and tissue bioengineering.

For more information on Dr. Abt, check out his Harvard Catalyst website and Google Scholar page.


Undergraduate School
University of Florida (Microbiology and Cell Science)

Medical School
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


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*co-first author

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*co-first author

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*co-first author

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