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Natalie Justicz, M.D.


Dr. Natalie Justicz grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, and attended Stanford University, where she graduated with a degree in human biology in 2009. While there, she participated in undergraduate research in Huntington's disease and biomedical ethics. Following graduation, she taught middle school science with Teach For America in New Orleans, Louisiana, for two years before returning to Atlanta to attend medical school at Emory University School of Medicine. Here, she served as a student member of the EUSOM Curriculum Committee and LCME Taskforce. She has created and executed a clinical trial on the treatment options for patients with Essential Vocal Tremor and is interested in continuing her research in the field of medical education.

For more information on Dr. Justicz, check out her Harvard Catalyst website and Google Scholar page.


Undergraduate School
Stanford University (Human Biology: Genetics and Bioethics)

Medical School
Emory University School of Medicine


Comparative effectiveness of propranolol and botulinum for the treatment of essential voice tremor. Justicz N, Hapner ER, Josephs JS, Boone BC, Jinnah HA, Johns MM 3rd. Laryngoscope. 2015 Jul 21.
PubMed PMID: 26198384.

Operative Evaluation of the Geriatric Patient. Justicz N, Hatcher J. Geriatric Otolaryngology. Ed. Robert Sataloff, Ed. Michael Johns III, Ed. Karen Kost. May 2015. Thieme.

Chapter 39: Primary and Local Flaps. Justicz N, Lee L. Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: Clinical Reference Guide. Ed. Shaun Desai. In preparation, expected Sep 2016.