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Ashley Miller, M.D.


Dr. Ashley Miller hails from Cincinnati, Ohio, and attended the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill for her undergraduate degree, where she spent time in the laboratory of Dr. Victoria L. Bautch studying blood vessel development in mice. As an undergraduate, she was also mentored by Dr. Kathryn Wikenheiser-Brokamp of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital/University of Cincinnati Research Foundation as she investigated molecular mechanisms of chemoresistance in small cell lung cancer. 

During medical school, Dr. Miller participated in clinical outcomes research under the guidance of Dr. Michael Englesbe and Dr. Lillian Min. She investigated the relationship between preoperative functional status and postoperative occurrences in older surgical patients. She remains interested in risk assessment and preoperative optimization as it relates to otolaryngology patients.

For more information on Dr. Miller, check out her Harvard Catalyst website.


Undergraduate School
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Biology)

Medical School
University of Michigan Medical School


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