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Massachusetts Eye and Ear

Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery

Neurotology Fellowship

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As a neurotology fellow as Mass Eye and Ear, all clinical and surgical work will be performed under the supervision of one of nine preceptors, including six board-certified neurotologists. Neurotology training is provided in the operating room, inpatient service, outpatient clinic and during the Skull Base Conference.

Surgical training and experience is offered in:

  • Mastoid tympanoplasty
  • Stapedectomy
  • Labyrinthectomy
  • Acoustic neuroma surgery (translabyrinthine, suboccipital, and middle fossa approaches)
  • Selective vestibular neurectomy
  • Cochlear implantation
  • Facial nerve decompression
  • Temporal bone resection
  • Other otologic and neurotologic procedures

The fellow is primarily assigned to all neurotology operative cases and, when available, may participate in any otology cases not covered by a senior otolaryngology resident. Practical experience in vestibular and audiological testing and rehabilitation is provided through the clinical vestibular laboratory, audiology department and outpatient clinics. Cranial nerve monitoring experience is gained in the operating room. The fellow will have a commitment to the teaching of both residents and medical students.

This fellowship program has been accredited by the ACGME since 1999.


  • Program Director: Daniel J. Lee, MD, FACS
  • Start date: July 1
  • Program length: Two years
  • Number of positions: One
Note: As of 2018, on the even years, the Neskey-Coghlan Fellowship in Neurotology will be awarded for a term of two years to the incoming Mass Eye and Ear Neurotology Fellow. The Neskey-Coghlan Fellowship recognizes the need for specialized training in vestibular disorders. A currently unnamed, two-year long fellowship, will be awarded on the odd years.

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