Cornea Surgery

For all patients requiring surgery, it is the fellow’s responsibility to ensure that all orders for lens implants, corneal or amniotic tissue, and other special requests, are submitted in a timely manner. This allows the surgical scheduler to forward all appropriate completed forms to MMF for preoperative review a minimum of 48 hours in advance of surgery. Please note that cases that do not meet this deadline are cancelled; therefore, if possible, all paperwork should be done one week prior to surgery to avoid any problems.

Consent forms are signed while the patient is in the clinic (forms are filed in the drawers of each exam room). While in the exam room, the patient should meet the appropriate surgical scheduler regarding preoperative medical clearance, consent signing, etc. All patients should have A’s and K’s performed for cataract surgery on the same day of their visit to the clinic unless other issues preclude this testing on that day (in which case the scheduler will have to coordinate another visit to the MEEI for this purpose).

The surgical scheduler will hold the chart(s) until all appropriate paperwork has been completed prior to forwarding to MMF. However, on the morning of surgery, it is the fellow’s responsibility to transport the charts to the operating room. Following surgery, fellows are also responsible for dictating operative notes immediately prior to leaving the operating room area, and for transporting the charts and billing forms back from the OR to the appropriate surgical scheduler.

Page Updated: September 2010