Fellow Funding and Benefits

Please note: Clinical fellows must meet the requirements for full (unlimited) licensure in Massachusetts. The requirements of can be viewed on the mass.gov website.
International medical graduates must be eligible for an H-1B visa and have completed a US or Canadian ophthalmology residency training program. Eligibility includes passing all 3 steps of the USMLE test and reporting results to MEEI before the Match deadline.


Currently $52,000/1st year; $55,000/2nd year (for 2-year fellows)


Malpractice premiums, through the Harvard CRICO program, are paid for by the Cornea Service.

Health Insurance

Family health insurance will be provided through the benefits program of Massachusetts Eye and Ear Associates. The fellow will need to contribute to this benefit as well, according to the guidelines of Mass. Eye and Ear.

Vacation and Sick Leave

Each fellow is allowed 3 weeks (15 work days) of combined vacation/meeting time and (1) personal day per year (vacation does not accrue year to year). Requests for time away from the Service must be submitted in written form 60 days in advance for pre-approved by the Fellowship Director or the Service Director. Up to (5) additional days may be taken with the approval of the Fellowship or Service Director for a major ophthalmology conference or academic meeting at which the fellow is a first author presenting original research (i.e., the fellow has not presented the data before). Mass. Eye and Ear's calendar also includes 9 legal holidays per year. Vacation request forms can be obtained from the Cornea Manager. Vacation should only be requested one week at a time and must not coincide with the vacation of another cornea fellow. The vacation must not be taken during the two-week period at the beginning or end of the fellowship. The formal vacation policy will be given to incoming fellows during their orientation.

Professional Meetings

Attendance and participation at appropriate professional meetings is encouraged. Up to (5) days may be taken with the approval of the fellowship or service director for a major ophthalmology conference or academic meeting at which the fellow is a first author presenting original research (i.e., the fellow has not presented the data before). If the fellow does not meet these criteria, then vacation time may be used. Fellows will be reimbursed for travel to meetings up to a maximum of $1,500 per academic year upon timely submission of the appropriate paperwork.


Cell Phone Service

If you have a cellular phone, the service will reimburse you for calls made that are directly related to patient care (i.e. when on-call). Please submit original receipts for reimbursement. The service does not supply a cellular phone nor pay for the monthly service charge.

Fellows Room

A room has been provided for you to secure your coat and belongings. A PC and printer are in the room. All Cornea Clinic exam lanes are also equipped with networked computers, to be used for clinical and academic purposes. The manager will provide you with a key to the Fellows’ room. Please remember that Mass. Eye and Ear will not be responsible for personal items that are left in the room. The room, however, is secure and is only accessed by Cornea fellows.


An in-box for your mail and/or important messages has been placed directly behind the Cornea Service front desk. This is an important venue for staff members to send fellows important messages. Fellows are urged to check their mailbox frequently for patient telephone call messages, dictations and important mail and memos.


You are supplied with a pager that you must wear during business hours and also at all times when on-call. Please respond to your pages promptly. If you change the status of your beeper for any reason (i.e. in surgery, not available), please make sure you promptly reverse the status on your return to clinical duty.


The payroll department requires that all employees participate in direct deposit. Paper paystubs may be picked up on the last day of each month in the Cornea Manager’s office. You may opt to receive only electronic paystubs.

Travel Reimbursement

You are provided up a maximum of $1,500 per year for travel/meetings. On your return, please complete a “travel reimbursement form” and submit to the cornea manager with original receipts. Forms can be obtained from the cornea manager.

Page Updated: Feb 19, 2014