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Massachusetts Eye and Ear

Insurance and Managed Care Guidelines

Phone number forFinancial Counseling

Insurance Coverage

To determine if your insurance plan covers the service, contact your health insurance representative. 
To ensure proper billing for your service it is important that you bring your current insurance card with you to all appointments.


If your insurance plan requires a co-payment, you will be expected to pay that amount at the time of your appointment. This may apply to office visits that occur at the hospital, Emergency Room visits, Radiology services, procedures on the same day as a visit, or any other type of service that your insurance carrier states is your responsibility. For your convenience, we accept  check, credit and debit cards.


Your insurance plan may require a referral from your primary care physician before receiving services at Mass. Eye and Ear. If so, please contact your primary care physician to request a referral in advance of your appointment. This will help to ensure that your services are paid for by your insurance company.


If you have questions about your health benefits, please contact your insurer.

If you need assistance paying your bill, our financial counselors can inform you about financial assistance and insurance options.

Important phone numbers

    • Financial Counseling 
    • Hospital Bills
    • Physician Bills