Meet a Specialist: Daniel Lee, M.D., FACS

As the Director of the Pediatric Ear, Hearing and Balance Center, Daniel Lee, M.D. enjoys the challenges that come with diagnosing and treating children with complex ear conditions.

Lee Dan resizedDr. Lee’s first challenge in Otolaryngology, however, was as a patient, when a life-threatening nosebleed interrupted medical school interviews and required emergency surgery. He credits Dr. Lee Eisenberg of Englewood, New Jersey, for a speedy and successful recovery. “His professionalism and kindness were evident from the moment I met him, and proved to be important lessons for me as I entered medical school,” says Dr. Lee.

A native of Minnesota, Dr. Lee left the heartland for the East Coast to attend Columbia College, and then completed his medical school and surgical training at Johns Hopkins. He has been in New England ever since. “I feel very fortunate to have been part of the Mass. Eye and Ear family since completing my training. I have amazing colleagues and together we take advantage of Mass. Eye and Ear's state of the art clinical, teaching, and research facilities to provide the best possible care for our patients.”

It was during his residency that Dr. Lee first cared for deaf infants and children under the mentorship of Dr. John Niparko at Johns Hopkins. He has maintained a passion for this unique patient population ever since. “The cochlear implant is the most successful bionic device used in humans today and has improved the lives of many hard of hearing patients and their families,” says Dr. Lee. “The strength of the pediatric cochlear implant program at Mass. Eye and Ear is our team approach to provide comprehensive care for infants and children with hearing loss not helped with a hearing aid.”

In addition to cochlear implants, Dr. Lee’s clinical interests include auditory brainstem implants, acoustic neuroma surgery, and superior semicircular canal dehiscence. His research has included the study of auditory pathway circuitry in the brain and improving the performance of auditory implants with new generation electrode designs. “Using the latest technologies and engaging in translational research provides the hope of improving the care of both children and adults with severe to profound hearing loss,” Dr. Lee states.

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