Meet a Specialist: Michael H. Fattal, M.D.

Fattal Mike134x202Dr. Michael Fattal, an otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat doctor) who is fellowship-trained in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, says that Mass. Eye and Ear, Concord offers him the best of both worlds: a Harvard Medical School academic affiliation and an opportunity to provide a full range of ear, nose and throat (ENT) services to the community. He offers care for challenging cases that combine the two sides of the specialty—functional ENT care and facial plastic surgery.

Dr. Fattal always knew that he wanted to become a surgeon. Prior to medical school, he had actually envisioned a career in neurosurgery. One anatomy course, however, changed his mind and thus began his commitment to the practice of otolaryngology. “I realized that otolaryngology and facial plastics is one of the most intimate fields in surgery—it affects how we interact as humans—our ability to see, hear, smell, speak, eat and breathe. It’s those senses that help you get the most out of life,” Dr. Fattal notes.

 “During my ENT rotations in medical school, I remember being called to the ER to see a man who had been injured by a riding mower. The blade had struck his scalp and face, causing significant trauma. We repaired his wounds, and the patient did very well.” He continues, “It’s a challenge to repair facial injuries as there is a very small margin of error, both functionally and aesthetically. That experience confirmed my interest in ENT and facial plastic surgery. It’s an ideal combination of addressing disease and injury and then reconstruction, to provide positive functional and aesthetic outcomes.” 

Dr. Fattal reiterates that ENT doctors who perform facial plastic surgery concentrate on functional procedures, such as functional rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), in addition to favorable cosmetic outcomes. He stresses, “It’s one thing to make a nose look good, but can it breathe? Patients are often surprised to learn that ENT doctors practice plastic surgery, but facial plastics is a significant part of the specialty; we’re very sub-specialized and can offer suggestions and services to patients who have medical and functional problems.” 

At Mass. Eye and Ear, Concord, Dr. Fattal sees patients of all ages for both cosmetic and reconstructive issues. He performs reconstructive surgery to patients suffering from facial issues and traumatic deformities such as nasal obstruction, ear trauma or facial fractures. Dr. Fattal also offers a full range of facial cosmetic services such as brow lifts, Botox®, face and neck lifts, fillers, nose reshaping and ear reshaping. 

Dr. Fattal explains that he has the option to collaborate with the physicians at Mass. Eye and Ear’s main campus in downtown Boston, for complex cases that require highly specialized care. He says, “I feel privileged to work at Mass. Eye and Ear and to be affiliated with such a prestigious institution. Whether I am treating patients at the main campus or in the Concord community, my number one priority is to provide excellent, compassionate care day after day.”

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