Meet a Specialist: Samir M. Bhatt, M.D.

BhattSamir170x256Dr. Samir Bhatt, Medical Director of Mass. Eye and Ear, Newton-Wellesley, knew he wanted to become a physician from a young age. “A strong history of medicine and healthcare has existed in my family for generations,” he explains. “Both of my grandfathers were physicians – one was an internist and the other was an eye doctor – and my mother was a physician as well. With my strong interest in science and my passion for helping people, pursuing medicine was a natural fit.”

Dr. Bhatt’s decision to specialize in otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat or ENT) occurred during an ENT rotation while he was attending Yale University School of Medicine. He says, “Detailed anatomy absolutely fascinated me, and the head and neck are such intricate and complex parts of the body. I knew specializing in otolaryngology would allow me to help patients with these complex anatomical problems, surgically, as well as medically.” 

As a board-certified otolaryngologist at Mass. Eye and Ear, Newton-Wellesley, Dr. Bhatt enjoys the challenge of treating patients with a wide variety of ENT diseases and conditions. He notes, “In one day, I might see children with ear infections or tonsil issues, adolescents with sinus or throat infections, adults with nasal polyps or swallowing difficulties and older adults with hearing loss. Being able to help patients with such a range of conditions is a challenge and very rewarding.” 

To treat his patients, Dr. Bhatt attempts to utilize medical therapies (such as antibiotics) before considering surgery. He says, “I think about how I want myself or my family to be treated, if we were in the patient’s chair. Typically, that means trying medical therapy first and if that does not solve the problem, then surgery might be offered.” Dr. Bhatt also performs more complex procedures, which include revision sinus surgery, cholesteatoma surgery and cancerous and non-cancerous head and neck surgery. 

Dr. Bhatt explains that his patients often suffer from conditions that not only affect their health but their overall quality of life. “My first course of action is to address any issues that could harm my patient now or in the future, such as infections, lumps that may be cancerous or breathing issues. Once those potentially-harmful issues are resolved, I can concentrate on improving their quality of life, by focusing on problems like ringing in the ears or hearing loss,” Dr. Bhatt explains. “For a person who does not suffer from these quality of life problems, the issues might seem minor. Once you lose one of your senses, however, you realize how much value they have in your daily life. As a person who suffers from slight hearing loss, I understand how difficult it is to feel excluded from conversations, and the importance of being able to fully converse with friends and family. I want my patients to fully enjoy those experiences as well.”

As a general otolaryngologist in a community setting, Dr. Bhatt frequently treats patients over the course of many years. “I have been able to build meaningful relationships with many of my long-term patients.” He emphasizes, “My work is not about discovering a patient’s problem, treating the problem and then being out of the picture. It is about addressing the whole patient and making sure he or she is able to have a positive experience with me. Being a community-based physician has allowed me to offer top quality, state-of-the-art care, but in an environment that is convenient and comfortable for the patient.”

Dr. Bhatt discusses the added benefit of working closely with the sub-specialists at Mass. Eye and Ear’s main campus in Boston. “As gratifying as it is to work in a community setting, having the opportunity to work hand in glove with the sub-specialists at Mass. Eye and Ear’s main campus helps me stay current and leading edge; this allows me to provide the highest quality of care for my patients,” he says. 

“At Mass. Eye and Ear, Newton-Wellesley, we are one hundred percent dedicated to solving our patients’ problems, including those with hard-to-solve conditions. I may leave the office at the end of the day, but I continue to think about ways to help my patients.” He concludes, “My number one goal is to provide outstanding, compassionate care in the community.”

Contact Dr. Bhatt’s office at 617-630-1699.

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