Meet a Specialist: David Lesnik, M.D.

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Dr. David Lesnik, an ENT specialist at Mass. Eye and Ear, Stoneham, knew he wanted to become a doctor from a young age. “I was drawn to the challenge of helping people, even as a child,” Dr. Lesnik remembers. His decision to specialize in otolaryngology occurred later in life, after he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer the summer before he began medical school. Dr. Lesnik explains, “After my tumor was successfully removed, I felt completely amazed at the level of skill that can be achieved in treating thyroid tumors and other conditions of the head and neck. From that moment, I knew I wanted to specialize in otolaryngology.” Dr. Lesnik then went on to complete residency training at Yale New Haven Hospital and advanced fellowship training in thyroid and parathyroid surgery at Mass. Eye and Ear.

A Board-Certified member of Mass. Eye and Ear’s Stoneham team, Fellow of the American Head and Neck Society, and Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, Dr. Lesnik treats patients for a wide variety of otolaryngology issues and conditions. He specializes in thyroid cancer surgery, parathyroid surgery, head and neck surgical oncology, laryngology, and sinus conditions. “I treat adult and pediatric patients suffering from thyroid conditions, sinusitis, adenoid and tonsil problems, and many other conditions related to the ears, nose, throat, head, and neck.”

In addition to helping and treating patients at Mass. Eye and Ear, Stoneham, Dr. Lesnik has traveled internationally to treat patients in other parts of the world. “Last year, I was fortunate enough to travel to Kenya with a team of Mass. Eye and Ear physicians,” Dr. Lesnik shares, “While there, we performed surgery on patients suffering from thyroid conditions. Having the opportunity to deliver positive outcomes to those patients was so rewarding.”

A member of the thyroid and parathyroid division practicing in Stoneham for the last five years, Dr. Lesnik has built positive relationships not only with patients, but with other physicians. “Often, my patients are referred to me by primary care physicians,” Dr. Lesnik explains. His patients frequently refer friends and family as well. “Word of mouth plays a huge role in how patients find me. It is very gratifying to meet patients who have been referred by friends or family, because they had a positive experience here at Mass. Eye and Ear,” Dr. Lesnik remarks. Dr. Lesnik participates in head and neck cancer screenings at a variety of hospitals and healthcare institutions in the community where he connects with patients through volunteer clinics.

Dr. Lesnik’s personal experience with thyroid cancer allows him to better relate to his patients. “One of the key elements in treating thyroid patients is to help them understand their condition and stay optimistic. Having sat in the patient chair I can appreciate what they are going through."

Dr. Lesnik concludes, “My overall goal is to deliver the best care available and improve the patients’ quality of life. That’s why I came to Mass. Eye and Ear.”

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