Meet a Specialist: Louis Pasquale, M.D.

PasqualeDuring his second year of residency at Temple University, Louis Pasquale, M.D., became interested in glaucoma. This group of eye diseases damages the optic nerve and is a leading cause of blindness worldwide. With the goal of one day helping to prevent glaucoma-related vision loss, Dr. Pasquale went on to complete a glaucoma fellowship at Johns Hopkins University Hospital.

Helping Patients Preserve their Vision

Dr. Pasquale is now a glaucoma specialist at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, where he cares for patients with all forms of the disease, particularly normal-tension glaucoma, complex surgical glaucoma, and secondary glaucoma in children.

Many patients with glaucoma have elevated pressure inside the eye, which is a major risk factor for optic nerve damage. Although there is currently no cure for glaucoma, Dr. Pasquale notes that early detection and treatment with eye drops and/or surgery can often slow or stop the progression of vision loss. Patients must often take eye drops several times a day and visit their doctor for regular and necessary follow-up care.

Advancing Patient Care

To improve overall patient care and treatment options, Dr. Pasquale is investigating how genes interact with the environment to cause glaucoma. He was awarded a grant—as part of the National Institutes of Health’s Genes, Environment & Heath Initiative—to scan the entire human genome and identify potential genetic determinants of primary open angle glaucoma, which accounts for up to 90 percent of all glaucoma cases.

Dr. Pasquale is also focused on improving access to glaucoma screenings and services to Massachusetts residents, particularly in underserved areas. As Director of Telemedicine at Mass. Eye and Ear, he is studying how glaucoma screenings can be improved to help detect the disease. “All of our efforts are aimed at improving treatment and access for patients,” says Dr. Pasquale. “The ability to provide better care is what I strive for every day."

Teaching Future Leaders in Glaucoma

As a Harvard Ophthalmology faculty member, Dr. Pasquale teaches and mentors trainees at all levels. “Teaching is not only rewarding, but it also ensures that you’re constantly learning. Preparing for lectures and interacting with our bright and talented trainees reinvigorates my passion for ophthalmology.”

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