Meet a Specialist: George Papaliodis, M.D.

For George Papaliodis, MD, ophthalmology is more than a professional interest—it’s a deep-rooted passion.  “My grandmother was diagnosed with glaucoma and experienced vision loss. That’s when I saw, firsthand, just how important quality eye care is for patients,” he explained.

PapaliodisToday, Dr. Papaliodis directs Mass. Eye and Ear’s Ocular Immunology and Uveitis Service. Physicians in this multidisciplinary service not only provide care for patients with immune system disorders that affect the eye, but also treat a type of eye inflammation called uveitis. As Director, Dr. Papaliodis also serves as a consultant to referring physicians in the community. In addition, he provides primary eye care and performs cataract surgery as a member of Mass. Eye and Ear’s Comprehensive Ophthalmology and Cataract Consultation Service.

For Dr. Papaliodis, who is Board Certified in both ophthalmology and internal medicine, practicing ophthalmology was a natural way to combine his interests in internal medicine and surgery. “Caring for patients who have conditions that affect the immune system and cause inflammation requires an approach that draws from both fields of internal medicine and ophthalmology,” he said. 

In addition to seeing patients, Dr. Papaliodis also conducts research with the goal of advancing treatment options for sight-threatening conditions. He is particularly interested in studying new medicines and therapies, such as Humira and electromagnetic therapy, for the treatment of uveitis—the third leading cause of blindness in the United States. In fact, Dr. Papaliodis was one of the study investigators who obtained an FDA approved indication for the use of Humira in the treatment of uveitis. “My ultimate goal is to improve patient care. Uveitis is often undertreated or managed with traditional therapies, despite newer, novel approaches to these diseases,” he said. Dr. Papaliodis is also interested in improving techniques for diagnosing sarcoidoisis of the eye—an inflammatory disease that is linked to uveitis.

Dr. Papaliodis has dual faculty appointments at Mass. Eye and Ear and Massachusetts General Hospital. He also mentors Ophthalmology residents and serves as Co-director of the Ocular Immunology and Uveitis Fellowship at Mass. Eye and Ear. Dr. Papaliodis enjoys teaching because it provides a unique opportunity to train future doctors in the knowledge and approaches that are available to treat inflammatory diseases of the eye.

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