Fundraising Resources

Team Eye and Ear

Start Early!

The earlier you start, the easier it will be to reach your goal. Begin creating your fundraising plan as soon as you sign up to be a team member of Team Eye and Ear.

Create a Personalized Fundraising Webpage

Fundraising online is a great way to collect donations. By creating a personalized fundraising webpage, you will make it easier for your donors to securely donate to support you. You will also not need to worry about collecting cash, checks, and credit card slips yourself. You will be able to communicate your fundraising goals, running goals and your reasons for running with Team Eye and Ear with your potential donors. We will be partnering with Crowdrise again this year. Find out how to develop your fundraising webpage today.

Develop a Plan

Choose a fundraising strategy to raise as much money as you can. Most people find that a letter writing campaign is the single most effective technique to use; it is the backbone of their fundraising plan. Therefore, the letter writing campaign combined with two or three additional techniques seem to work out well.

Tell Your Story

Why are you running with Team Eye and Ear? What is it about Mass. Eye and Ear that makes this hospital so special? Knowing how your donor’s contributions will make a difference in the lives of others will help. You may wish to decide to designate your funds towards a specific area (ex: eye research) or for general purposes to fund hope for all those affected by vision, hearing, voice and balance problems.

Believe in Yourself and Mass. Eye and Ear

Make your own contribution to your fundraising goal first. It’s hard to ask others to support a cause if you haven’t first done so yourself.

Hold a Fundraising Party!

A fundraising party can be an effective (and fun) way to increase your fundraising by bringing Team Eye and Ear to life for your donors. Learn more>>

Know your Network

Make a list of everyone you know that may donate to your efforts. If you are running on behalf of a family member, friend or patient, combine mailing lists with them to double your efforts. Some potential prospects include:

  • Family and Relatives
  • Friends
  • Church/Synagogue
  • Exercise Group
  • Local Businesses
  • Doctor, Dentist, Optometrist
  • Work Colleagues
  • Companies and Corporations
  • Neighbors
  • Clubs and Organization
  • School (yours or your children’s)
  • Those you support (dry cleaner, laundry mat, etc.)


Share with others why this cause is important to you and should be important enough to them to support it.

Ask for a Gift

Don’t be afraid to ask for a gift. Remember, people give money to people who ask them for it. If you are planning on asking someone for a significant gift, ask them in person. Be prepared to talk about Team Eye and Ear. Ask for a specific amount of money, and aim high. It is always better to ask for more than he or she can give. Once you have asked for a gift, stop talking. Do not apologize or make excuses. Remember that you are not asking for yourself but for those individuals suffering from eye, ear, nose, throat, head and neck disorders. It may be hard to keep quiet, but just wait for a response. Your donor will be impressed that you have the courage to ask them in this way. People like to be perceived as successful, and they like to be asked for a significant contribution. Also, encourage your donors to ask their networks.

Matching Gifts

Does your company have a matching gift program? Ask your donors if they belong to a company that participates in a matching gift program. Taking advantage of matching gift programs could double your efforts fast!

Update Everyone

Keep your donors updated on your training and fundraising progress. They will be more likely to tell others of your progress and also donate next time you are fundraising. Also, don’t forget to let them know about your overall fundraising and running success after the marathon!

In Lieu of Gifts

At holidays and birthdays, ask for a donation to Mass. Eye and Ear towards your fundraising goal in lieu of gifts.

Thank Your Donors

Don’t forget to thank every donor in a timely fashion – it is a must. Send a hand written thank you note shortly after you receive each donation. Remind them that they’ve made a real difference. A thank you will also acknowledge the gift, tell the donor that their efforts matter in your fundraising goals and the mission of Mass. Eye and Ear, and encourage them to spread the word about your fundraising efforts. Every person you know has a network of friends, family and business contacts who may be very willing to help with your goal. Be sure to take the opportunity to expand your circle of donors by asking them who they may know who may be interested in sponsoring you.

Once you’ve completed the Boston Marathon with Team Eye and Ear, don’t forget to thank your donors collectively and individually. Tell them about your experience running the marathon and include a picture if possible along with information about how to donate if they wish to make another donation.