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Massachusetts Eye and Ear, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School, is home to the world's largest privately funded vision and hearing research programs, including the Schepens Eye Research Institute, the Center for Human Hearing and the Ocular Genomics Institute. Our commitment to fund research to restore vision and hearing for patients in Boston, Florida and around the world has never been stronger. Mass. Eye and Ear physicians and scientists are aggressively pursuing new treatments and life-changing cures.

Vision and hearing loss are significant public health problems, especially to the aging population. Once in three people over the age of 65 are impacted by these dramatically life-altering disorders. Although progress has been made in many areas, much more remains to be done.

By making a gift you will invest in a healthier future, as your donation will help to accelerate the development of new treatments, bringing relief to people all over the world.

Make a Gift!