Pediatric Directions

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To non-Handicap accessible lot (Storrow Drive Lot) – Not easily accessible when coming from West

  • Stay in left lane on Storrow Drive (West)
  • Entrance to parking lot is immediately before approaching Government Center/Kendall Square exit ramp

To Handicap accessible lot (Charles Street Lot)

  • Proceed through the lights under (T) station; take a hard left reversing direction under the (T) Station
  • Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary parking lot is located off the on ramp to Storrow Drive (West)

Patient Drop Off/Valet

  • Turn left onto Cambridge Street (Those coming from West turn right)
  • Take the first left onto N. Grove Street
  • Turn left on to Fruit Street

Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary will be on your right

For Pediatrics ENT:

  • Enter the main entrance of the hospital.
  • Proceed to the 2 bay of elevators to the left and rear of the main information desk in the lobby.
  • Proceed to the second floor.
  • Pediatric ENT is located to the left of the elevator bay through the double wooden doors