Operation Airway Team Members

The members of Operation Airway work hard and are happy to help work to the OA mission of life changing airway reconstruction for all children.

The Team (left to right): Dr. Corey Collins, Peggy Kelly, Nancy Kotzuba, Dr. Courtney Hill, Dr. Christopher Hartnick, Dr. Natan Noviski, Dr. Stephen Maturo, Dr. Phoebe Yager and Dr. Brian Cummings.

Mission Leaders

Dr. Christopher Hartnick

ChristopherrgbHartnick from MGH Hartnick, MD is the director of Pediatric Otolaryngology and the fellowship director for Pediatric Otolaryngology at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. Last year he traveled to Quito with Dr. Noviski, where he evaluated more than 40 children with airway problems and performed several bronchoscopies and one tracheotomy in anticipation of this upcoming airway mission. He recently returned from a medical mission in Guayaquil, Ecuador where he performed cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries.

Dr. Natan Noviski

Dr.rgbDSCN2081 Natan Noviski is Chief of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine and Associate Chair of Pediatrics at the Massachusetts General Hospital, and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. He has been involved in health care issues in Ecuador for many years. He has acted as consultant re children with difficult airway issues, helped to establish and is an honorary member of the Ecuadorian Society for Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, and has co-directed symposiums on pediatric critical and airway management. Dr. Noviski has led or co-led multiple medical missions teams in Ecuador and acts on an ad-hoc basis as an advisor to Ecuador’s Minister of Health.

Dr. Ernesto Quinoñes

Dr. rgbernestoErnesto Quiñones is an Ecuadorian/ Italian physician trained in Barcelona- Spain. He has organized multiple missions in his country for children with special needs. He and Dr. Noviski have done several projects in Ecuador including books of pediatric critical care and pneumology. He has also helped put on a bronchoscopy symposium and training program for doctors and medical students in Quito.

Dr. Quiñones also worked with Mass General physicians in 1996 investigating the mortality of low risk patients in the Latin American pediatric critical care units.

The idea of helping kids with airway obstruction emerged in a training course of bronchoscopy that take place in Quito where some of this patients were evaluated.The need for surgical solution in this cases stimulate both physicians Noviski and Quiñones to begin the first Airway Mission in Quito, Ecuador.

Local Team and Friends

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