Marco's Story

Marcorgb1droppedImage is an 8 month old boy who was abandoned to an orphanage with signs of neglect and physical abuse. His weight at 8 months of age was consistent with that of a 2-3 month old. The caretakers at the orphanage felt that our team may be able to help with Marco’s noisy breathing and difficult time eating.

When we saw Marco he was obviously undernourished and delayed for his age. Upon examination in the operating room Marco was found to have a large mass above his vocal folds. As this was causing his difficulty breathing a decision was made with the orphanage to carry out a tracheotomy. A tracheotomy would help Marco breath easier and coordinate his eating so that he could gain weight. rgbFOSTER MOM POST DISCHRGE

Marco did fine in his post operative recovery. His “foster mom” from the orphanage demonstrated an exceptional level of interest in how to care for Marco and what his further medical needs would entail. Within a 4 days of his tracheotomy Marco was drinking from a bottle without difficulty; we fully expect him to gain weightrgbMarco smiling and decannulated and begin developing like a normal infant. The team also scheduled Marco to have an imaging study in Ecuador which was then reviewed by radiologists at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. We then coordinated Marco’s further care with our Ecuadorian colleagues who will help to treat Marco.

One Year Later

MarcorgbMarco and Peggy regained function of one his vocal cords and now was able to breathe and eat without the need of his tracheotomy. He had gained weight and had a good, strong voice. We safely removed his tracheostomy tube this summer in 2012 and he is currently doing well.