Ismael's Story

rgbishmaelIsmael is a 3 year old boy from Quito who had respiratory distress at birth due to meconium aspiration and required intubation. Due to this intubation he had acquired subglottis stenosis requiring a tracheotomy to be placed at 18 months of age. The Urreta family sold everything they owned in order to buy all of the necessities to care for the tracheotomy. Ismael’s father sees the social discrimination that his child suffers because of his tracheotomy, despite the fact that he is otherwise a normal healthy boy. The young children in his extended family even treat Ismael differently simply because he looks different to them. With tears in his eyes, Ismael’s father shared that his goal is for his son to be able to play and keep up with the other children after surgery. Our team reconstructed Ismael’s airway using a double stage laryngotracheal reconstruction approach. He was cared for in the pediatric intensive care for 8 days.

rgbIsmael and father


Ismael has had his tracheostomy removed for 6 months now and is doing well!


Ismael had a small persistent connection between his trachea and his skin because he had his tracheostomy tube in for quite some time. On our return to Ecuador, we closed his fistula and he did very well! He went home and is now completely breathing on his own!