Gabriella's Story

Gabriella’s rgbshapeimage_3family first heard about Operation Airway at the Vacortiz hospital and afterwards they sent for the foundation. Before having the tracheotomy, she ate and drank normally but she had epilepsy so she had medication. However, Gabriella is an athlete and she had difficulty playing sports with her debilitating condition. It has also been very difficult for her family to take care of her medical problems. Both parents had worked beforehand, but her mother had to stop working to make sure Gabriella received the help she needed. They have had to be very attentive and careful for the past 11 years, to ensure that she stays healthy. Her family was very excited to be able to have this opportunity to enhance Gabriella’s quality of life. They had high expectations and no concerns or worries. So far, their experience has lived up to their expectations, and everything has been great for them. They have had to travel 45 minutes from their home just to be able to come to the Hospital de los Valles for the procedure and luckily, through social security and the foundation’s sponsorship, they have been able to afford this operation.rgbdroppedImage 1

Gabriella underwent a successful airway reconstruction during the summer of 2012, where we used her own rib cartilage to rebuild and expand her airway. She is now breathing easily and can walk and play sports to her heart’s content.