Past Operation Airway Trips

Learn a little bit more about some the past trips that the Operation Airway Team have gone on by reading below. For more in-depth information, check out the Operation Airway blog at

First Trip to Ecuador, 2010

November 2010
3 Days in Quito
22 children evaluated

  • 12 Bronchoscopies
  • 1 surgical airway performed (Erik Cabezas)
  • 1 child scheduled to come to Boston (Maria Espin)
  • 3 Airway surgeries scheduled for next mission

Airway Course held in Hotel.

First Educational Trip of the "Local Team," Boston 2011

The First Educational Trip of the “Local Team” to Boston, 2011:
The “Ecuadorian team” consisting of a pediatric surgeon, 2 ENTs, 2 Anesthesiologists, and 1 ICU doctor came to spend 5 days in Boston to observe Airway Operations and post-op care.

Second Trip to Ecuador, 2011

May 2011, 20 Patients evaluated.

  • 2 Open Airway Reconstructions (I cancelled due to illness)
  • 3 salivary gland tie off procedures performed for aspiration and sialorrhea
  • 1 suprastomal granuloma excision
  • 1 tracheotomy performed
  • 1 decannulation from prior surgery (First decannulation by operation airway team!)

Third Trip to Ecuador, 2012

  • 4 Airway Reconstructions performed
  • 10 Bronchoscopies
  • 1 Salivary Gland Procedure
  • Airway Conference

For rgbClown and childrenthe first time we brought a speech pathologist with an interest in pediatric swallowing disorders to introduce the concept of a true AERODIGESTIVE CENTER. Collaborative teaching of swallowing evaluation begun.

First Multi-disciplinary meetings between local hospital administrators, doctors, speech pathologists, and families to set up a comprehensive Pediatric Aerodigestive Center.

rgbSarah workingFor the first time the local surgeons primary performed the airway reconstructions with the Boston team supporting, assisting, and advising!!!

Trip to El Salvador, 2014

Screening mission to evaluate the children there and lay the groundwork for future missions.