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Global Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgical Missions

Each year, members of the Division provide goiter surgery in underserved regions, where they not only care for patients but also train local physicians to work toward sustainable health care for patients suffering from goiter and other conditions. Click here to learn more about the global thyroid missions.

Publications and Resources

The Division of Thyroid surgery has provided various books, paper, and other resources. See thyroid publications here.

Patient Video Gallery

Eric's Story : Papillary Carinoma Thyroid Nodule from Mass. Eye and Ear on Vimeo.

Eric was getting his vocal cords checked when his ENT discovered a thyroid nodule. Eric has the nodule removed by Dr. Randolph at Mass. Eye and Ear and is glad he did. The nodule was malignant and, although he is now cancer free, Eric has some advice for others.

Chelsea's Story: Thyroid Cancer from Mass. Eye and Ear on Vimeo.

Chelsea is a young female singer who recently faced a tough challenge of dealing with thyroid cancer. With her singing career at stake, she came to meet with thyroid surgeon, Dr. Gregory Randolph. Using the nerve monitoring system developed by him, Dr. Randolph was able to preform a successful surgery. Watch Chelsea's story and learn more.

Lindy's Story of Thyroid Cancer from Mass. Eye and Ear on Vimeo.

Lindy shares her story about battling thyroid cancer. She talks about what lead to her diagnosis and how she came to Mass. Eye and Ear and was treated by Dr. Randolph. Watch her story and learn about her experience. For more information about Mass. Eye and Ear's Thyroid division, please follow this link:


Leah's Story-Cancer and Parathyroid Surgery

Leah's Story from Mass. Eye and Ear on Vimeo.

Leah shares her story of cancer and removal via parathyroid surgery at Mass. Eye and Ear. She is grateful to Dr. Gregory Randolph and the whole care team she saw in Boston. Watch her story to hear about her experience. 

Lorna's Story- Thyroid Cancer

Lorna's talks about her experience with thyroid cancer and being treated by Dr. Randolph. Learn more about about our Thyroid and Parathyroid specialty