Improving Sleep Quality

Sleep is key to our survival. Ideally, adults need at least six hours of deep, restorative sleep each day to stay healthy and prevent excessive waking fatigue.

Treating sleep apnea and reducing the severity of snoring are two important ways to improve the quality of sleep. Additionally, doctors recommend other steps for a healthy sleep routine, described as “good sleep hygiene.”

  • Dedicate at least eight hours to sleep each day
  • Avoid using the computer right before bed because it stimulates the brain and can make it more difficult to wind down
  • Keep the sleep environment quiet
  • Exercise and keep your weight in control
  • Don’t smoke
  • Avoid alcohol in the evening

It is important to avoid sleep aids when sleep apnea is suspected. Sleeping pills can depress brain function, slowing arousal when breathing stops and prolonging periods of decreased oxygen.