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Crafting Successful Solutions

The process begins with a complete aerodigestive evaluation, using as many of the Center’s specialties and testing services required. The Center has complete access to all the leading-edge technologies associated with both hospitals, including:

  • Advanced nerve monitoring to assess vocal cord paralysis
  • Injectable agents that can sometimes take the place of more extensive surgery for velopharyngeal insufficiency or vocal cord paralysis 
  • Advanced microscopic and telescopic examination methods
  • Digital vocal cord imaging

Each case is reviewed in a team setting to maximize coordinated input from the various areas of medical specialty. Depending on the origin and severity of the problem, a comprehensive plan of therapy will be custom-tailored to the child for the best chances of both short- and long-term success.

The Center team will tap the resources of other specialists for effective treatment and management, both from Mass. Eye and Ear and Mass. General. Some examples: the Laryngology and Voice Laboratory team for voice-related testing and therapy; the reconstructive surgery team for cleft palate repair; and pediatric psychiatry, for hypnotherapy and biofeedback therapy.