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Otoneurology Specialists

Our Otoneurology specialists focus on the interface between the ear and brain.  The ear and brain coordinate a delicate balance, working together to produce and process the information we interpret as sound and our sense of balance and position.  Mass. Eye and Ear’s otoneurology specialists are expert at diagnosis and treatment of problems associated with a variety of diseases, problems and symptoms including but not limited to dizziness, vertigo and balance problems, tinnitus, neurological problems, migraine, infection, tumors and abnormalities from birth, injury and decompression issues, abnormal eye movement and vision disturbances.

Otoneurology is an important area of research at Mass. Eye and Ear.  Current research initiatives include:

  • Cochlear vestibular implantable prosthesis
  • Development of a specific testing protocol for migraine
  • Electrical nerve stimulation

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