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Meet the Team

Directed by Oon Tian Tan, M.D., Ph.D., the Carolyn and Peter Lynch Center for Laser and Reconstructive Surgery is an interdisciplinary center dedicated to the treatment of patients who require both dermatological care and facial plastic reconstructive surgery. The Center is structurally part of the Division of Facial Plastics at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, allowing for close collaboration between dermatologists and facial plastic surgeons.

Oon Tian Tan, M.D., Ph.D., Director




Dr. Tan joined Massachusetts Eye and Ear in 2010 after spending two decades in private practice. Dr. Tan brought with her a wealth of experience in dermatological conditions and treatments, especially related to the use of lasers. Dr. Tan collaborated on a vascular-specific laser that targeted red blood cells in the 1980's. In the 1990’s, she and her husband, Dr. Timothy J. Stafford, developed a laser to remove tattoos (in collaboration with industry).

Dr. Tan travels with other surgeons and staff annually to care for underserved pediatric patients in Latin America. With funding from the Lynch Foundation, Dr. Tan was able to bring the first laser to a Quito, Ecuador hospital.

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Alice Frigerio, M.D., Ph.D., Researcher


A researcher for the Carolyn and Peter Lynch Center for Laser and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Frigerio dedicates her time to investigating vascular anomalies in an effort to find possible new cures. She studies patients with vascular anomalies, eliciting details of the progression of their disease and familial origins. Dr. Frigerio is a full-time investigator who devotes her time solely to research.

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Jennifer Mangarelli, R.N.
“My love of all things skin-related and positive attitude make dermatology and working with lasers a great fit for me. Each patient is unique and it is great to get to know them as they proceed through treatment. I hope that we will connect with other specialties and expand our use of lasers. My co-workers and I have great chemistry that translates into higher quality care for all our patients.”


2Jackie Malcolm, R.N.

Administrative Staff


Missy Allen, Manager
“The Carolyn and Peter Lynch Center for Laser and Reconstructive Surgery has become a very meaningful addition to the Division of Facial Plastics.  The combination of varied medical treatments provides a unique continuum of care for our patients.  My responsibilities here include overseeing the flow of the Center, as well as dealing with individual patient needs such as care coordination, assistance with complex insurance issues, and patient advocacy.  My greatest pleasure here is to witness the disappearance of a child’s birthmark.”


Karen Kenyon, Unit Coordinator
“I have worked with Dr. Tan for almost 20 years and assisted with the transition from Dr. Tan’s individual practice to the multidisciplinary approach that we are now able to offer our patients.

My primary focus is on our patients. I assist our patients in all aspects of their care; from scheduling appointments, assisting with insurance issues/questions, to welcoming them to our office and helping to ensure their comfort and peace of mind at the time of their treatment.  I enjoy getting to know our patients and their families on a personal level as they progress through their treatment.”