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Skin Lesions

Lasers have been used successfully in hundreds of thousands of treatments. Laser treatments performed properly, by our trained physician, are safe and effective. There are many benefits to laser surgery including little if any pain, no needles, less bruising and swelling.

Today’s advanced laser technology allows us to safely, easily, and effectively treat skin lesions somewhat painlessly, without harming the adjacent skin structures. Treatment length depends on the size, location, depth of the lesion.

  • Warts
    Warts can be treated in many ways ranging from “acid” plasters and drops to liquid nitrogen and even surgery in some instances. The pulsed dye laser has been effective in removing warts, especially those which have not responded to these other more conventional treatments. This laser, unlike its predecessors, does not break the skin thus minimizing pain, the risk of infection, as well as scar formation during the healing process.