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Cosmetic Laser

Unlike spas or beauty centers, our distinguished physician is an industry-leading, board-certified dermatologist with advanced training in the most sophisticated laser surgery. With our office located right within Mass. Eye and Ear, you benefit from having access to the latest treatments and technologies to help you create the beautiful results you want.

Dr. Tan offer laser treatment for conditions such as:

  • Telangiectasia/Broken Capillaries 
    Enlarged blood vessels which are often accompanied by surrounding blotchy redness of the skin. Broken capillaries can result from many causes, the most common being over-exposure to the sun. Vascular-specific lasers can easily remove the majority of these vessels in the absence of scar formation.
  • Angiomata
    Also known as “spider angioma,” “cherry angioma,” or “senile angioma,” these are benign tumors of small blood vessels. They can occur anywhere on the body in individuals of any age.
  • Hair Removal 
    The laser beam, a concentrated beam of light energy, passes through the skin to the hair follicle where it is absorbed as heat, damaging the follicle. There are several types of lasers being used to remove hair. The type of laser used and response of the treatments will depend on patients’ skin and hair color combination. Because hair grows in cycles and laser treatments are most effective in the early growth phase, multiple treatments are required to achieve permanent hair removal.
  • Laser Rejuvenation 
    Laser rejuvenation, where microdermabrasion is combined with “lower-dose” laser, has been developed and shown to successfully erase many components of aging and sun damaged skin, such as fine wrinkles. This procedure has modified superficial scars and enlarged pores and also improved the condition of the skin.

    This combination technique is aimed at stimulating and repairing the support tissues in the “damaged” skin. There is minimal discomfort and/or discoloration following the combination treatments, enabling individuals to return to their daily life without any “downtime.” The face, neck, chest and hands can all be successfully treated using this technique.
  • Pigmented Lesions 
    Increased brown (melanin) pigmentation in the skin can be present at birth, or appear later in life (e.g. “moles” and “liver spots”). Read more>> 
  • Liver Spots 
    Lentigines are commonly found on the face and exposed parts of the body in “fair skinned” individuals. Read more>> 
  • Scars 
    Following injury or surgery, early scars, often livid and vascular, can be improved by laser treatment using a vascular specific laser. The best results have been achieved in scars which have been present for less than one year.
  • Tattoos 
    Tattoos can be professional, non-professional, single or multi-colored. Several lasers have been shown to effectively remove most blue/black tattoos. Read more>>