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Laser Surgery

The last ten years has seen a revolution in techniques for treating certain congenital and chronic skin problems headed by a new generation of lasers.
A key feature of this development has been selectivity: the effective removal of the lesions without unnecessary damage to surrounding structures. This has resulted in:

  • Minimal scarring
  • Treated skin appearing “normal” in texture and color

Previous lasers, and even some currently being used, do not have this degree of safety. Laser treatment of Portwine stain birthmarks in children with the pulsed dye laser has been most predominantly featured but this represents only one of the successes. Now, several skin problems, congenital and acquired, medical and cosmetic, in young and old, can all be treated by lasers.

Cosmetic Laser 
Skin Lesions

Listen to a grateful patient tell his story of his experience with Dr. Tan.