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Patient Resources

Make An Appointment

Call 617-573-3954 today to make an appointment with one of our specialists or 617-573-3266 to make an appointment with an Audiologist.

Patient Guide

Our Patient Guide is designed to help you find quick answers to all your questions related to insurancebillingmedical records, and more.

Directions/Parking Information

Please consult our directions and parking map when visiting our main facility, located at:

Massachusetts Eye and Ear
243 Charles Street
Boston, MA 02114

Places to Stay/Hotels

For patients who wish to stay near the hospital, we have a compiled a list of nearby hotels with price and contact information for your convenience.

Patient Stories

Lisa's Story-Migraine Dizziness

Lisa was suffering from migraine dizziness. Watch her story and see how a Mass. Eye and Ear doctor treated her problem.