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Unit Coordinator

Missy Allen
“I coordinate both the short and long term flow of the Facial Nerve Center. My responsibilities run the gamut from addressing individual patients’ needs, through care coordination and assistance with complex insurance issues, to general patient advocacy. I particularly enjoy the complexity of the facial paralysis population; to watch someone from their first arrival, through their plan of care, and to a positive outcome is such a pleasure to see.”

Patient Care Coordinator

Janine Pullen
"The Facial Nerve Center has been not only a great place to work, but has afforded me the opportunity to be a member of an amazing team of doctors and other medical professionals. The doctors here are all very dedicated to their patients and the overall mission of the Facial Nerve Center. Each patient seen here is provided with a level of care that is unique to their specific needs. I help with the administrative aspects of the patient coordination here at the office and am available to help patients set up new consultations as well as treatment appointments."

Administrative Assistant

Megan Wolski
"I enjoy being a part of a team that values patient care and provides the best treatment.  Every member of our team is passionate and dedicated to our patients which creates a great environment at our center.  I am the Medical Administrative Assistant to Dr. Hadlock and I am available to answer any questions you may have as well as schedule consults, procedures, and surgery.   I want to ensure every patient who comes here has a positive experience and is able to get the very best of  care.”

Chemodenerveation Nurse

Meaghan Bradley
"Working at the Facial Nerve Center has been an incredible experience.  Surrounded by an amazing team, I have learned more than I ever expected about the intricacies of the facial nerve and cutting edge therapies for management of facial paralysis.  Developing a treatment plan in conjunction with the physicians and physical therapists and being able to see the positive patient outcomes has been very gratifying.  I feel fortunate to be able to work in this invigorating environment."

Physician Assistant

Kerry Shanley
Kerry Shanley MMSc, PA-CKerry Shanley MMSc, PA-C is a board-certified and state licensed physician assistant and expert in facial nerve and facial movement disorders.  Kerry graduated magna cum laude from Wellesley College with a Bachelor of Science degree.  She went on to study at Yale Medical School, where she received her Master of Medical Sciences degree through Yale’s prestigious Physician Associate Program.    
In addition to providing excellent preoperative and postoperative care for patients here at the Facial Nerve Center, Kerry also specializes in Bell’s Palsy education, chemodenervation therapy with Botox, Dysport, and Myobloc, and functional injectable filler therapy.  She works side-by-side with Dr. Hadlock, and is here to answer and address all of your questions and concerns.